The one through the eyes of Weston Reindl.

by Effie

Hey guys!

During my recent trip to Minnesota I met a great friend who happens to be a great photographer as well! Please check out his other works on his Instagram page

As narcissistic as it sounds (well, isn't all the social media for narcissists?:)) it feels really good (and strange too!) to be photographed by someone you just met in places you've never been before. It's like through Weston's photos I'm looking at myself from the other, dreamy side. Also, Minnesota is probably one of the most underestimated places I've been to - it has amazingly dreamy and charming aura (and that 'Lost in translation' kind of vibe) that just calls to take thousand of pictures.

Can't wait for my next time there <3

photos and editing - Weston Reindl