The 'so original' one.

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Hey guys!

I'm sooo original! Since 90s are definitely back (and make me feel young again) everybody's wearing chokers and off-the-shoulder tops - I tried to avoid it just because everybody's doing it and here I am, ha, ha, ha. But it does look awesome, doesn't it? Bare arms + collar bones = LOVE. And culottes! (yet again - so unique right now!) Even though I have nothing against skirts, comfy pants that only look like a skirt always win! 


top, culottes, sunglasses - H&M

choker - Ettika, Free People

The one with the wooden watch.

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Hey guys!

Last few weeks I’ve been enjoying summer very much - maybe a little too much because my problem with always being late was getting out of hand! (And even though Im not a fan of t-shirts with letters, I own one that says ‘Sorry I’m late’ - always cracks my friends up!) Well, after all, there’s still hope for me - because I got a beautiful watch! 

And - I must point out- it’s not an ordinary watch, it is made from natural wood, like a 100%! Well, yeah, there is a quartz movement in there of course, but we’re talking about an awesome watch made in 2016, not a sundial, duh! The natural wooden strap makes it so light I can barely feel it on my wrist, but it’s so pretty that catches my attention quite often - well, not only mine, I’ve already gotten quite few compliments, not only from the ladies (ladies and gentleman, you’re all welcome to take a look at all available watches here). The neutral color lets me match the watch with basically everything and has a fresh summer vibe - it’ll definitely keep me from being late to summer parties! :)


watch - JORD Wood Watches

top - Akira

skirt, shoes - H&M

The one with Cynthia Rowley.

by Effie


Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram have probably seen that I attended an event with Cynthia Rowley last week, and I gotta tell you, it was a very exciting experience. First of all, I love pretty things! Not only in fashion; interior design is something I can endlessly appreciate, for example by spending hours on Instagram looking through #instahome #instadecor or #homesofinstagram (yup, I can be really productive sometimes!). So you can imagine how flattered I was when I received an invitation to launch party of Cynthia Rowley first ever furniture collection! When you see the collection you’ll probably wonder why she hasn’t done anything like that before - she humbly answered that question during Q&A - nobody’d asked before :) 

The collection was designed for Hooker Furniture - one of the first US furniture manufacturers. As Cynthia said: ‘Coming from the fashion world, it’s a dream to bring my vision and experience to home furnishings. With Hooker Furniture’s long history of craftsmanship, I’m so excited about this new chapter in design’ (gosh, there might be more!)

The launch party was held at Walter E. Smithe Furniture showroom in Chicago and I did take some photos, but if you want to see whole collection, head over there. If i were to describe the collection in few words, it would be: modern, cool, inspiring. Totally unsurprisingly, I would describe Cynthia Rowley with the very same words. 

Have you ever met a person that constantly spreads good vibes all around? This is the kind of impression Cynthia made on me - she walked into the room of people waiting particularly for her, and instead of unapproachable star (like one could expect), you see a beautiful woman with a big smile on her face and flawless military jacket nonchalantly thrown on her shoulders! Even if she weren’t THE Cynthia Rowley, she’d surely be the coolest chick in the room. She was really nice and willing to spend little time with everyone (seems impossible with almost hundred people in the room? Not for her!). I also got a chance to chat - you can see my extremely happy face on one of the photos :) 

Beach, please. And thank you.

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Hey guys!

How you've been? I'm goood. Like 'I live by the beach so I spend there every day off' good. :D Well, if you follow me on Instagram then you probably know that too well, but why would I ever stop bragging about it? ;) I hope you're enjoying yourselves too. Stay cool or warm or whatever makes you happy :)


dress - H&M

denim coat - Akira

parka - Topshop

shoes - Asos

bag - Steve Madden