A piece of Brooklyn.

by Effie

Hey guys!

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know about my short trip to New York last week - completely unexpected and as perfect as it could be :) Even though the whole trip lasted only 24 hours, it was enough to meet good ol' friends, make new ones, see the coolest and most beautiful places (have I mentioned New York is my favorite place in the world?!) and take a billion pictures :D Here are some of them (no, I won't bore you to death with a billion:)) Let me know what are your favorite places in NYC and if you heard about the cooler place on Earth :)


The one that has it all.

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Hey guys!

Straight to the point - you know I'm a weather freak, right? I'm seriously addicted to checking weather forecast every single day (not once, lol). You can only imagine how crushed I am these days when I learn that it'll be snowing in Chicago again. And again. And again. It is April for God's sake, isn't it?! 

Luckily I was smart enough to catch some sun back in March, yeah screw logic - it was warm and sunny then, now I'm rocking winter coat again :/ (Ok, ok, I'll stop talking about weather right now:)). 

The pretty and funky dress (which I called 'the Tetris dress:)) I'm wearing is from ShabbyApple  - if you need a girly piece, that's the place to go, they have cutest and most colorful clothes!

I've never had a wrap dress before and it was a mistake :) It's very comfortable and might even create optical illusion for some body parts ;) And because it's open, even a maxi length is easy to wear. And isn't that print super fun? It's loud enough to skip accessorizing, but makes your outfit pop anyway, it's a win-win. And this is a wrap :)


dress - Shabby Apple 

shoes - Adidas

jacket - Topshop

hat - Forever 21

Gimme rays!

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Hey guys!

I'm officially ready for spring! Leather jacket (which I'll never get enough of) brightened up with light ripped denim pants and bright t-shirt and I'm ready to rock the world! :D Do you feel a boost of energy on every warm day like I do? Let's start the eight months of the year when you gotta love Midwest! No more California envy haha!

Have an amazing day!


t-shirt - Kenzo

pants, jacket - Zara

boots - Isabel Marant x H&M

bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs