The one with The Misfit.

by Effie in

Hey guys!

Finally Chicago's showing me some love! It feels like I've been hibernating and now I'm coming back to life at last :) Spring always motivates me to be good - I'm back to my workouts, eating healthy (almost always!) and it feels great to be back on track.

Even though my motivation is strong, I got my little helpers - my beautiful Misfit smartwatch for example. Don't let the name fool you - it fits perfectly - it's the cutest smartwatch you've seen and it has features like no other! The best part is that you don't have to charge it - it has a battery that lasts 6 months (so no more excuses for missed workouts 'cause i didn't charge my smartwatch', ha!). It tracks your steps, calories and sleep - also vibrates when you get a call or text  - what more could one need? If it sounds interesting, head to Misfit and choose your favorite model (if you use 15OFF4U code, you'll get 15% off!). And enjoy that sun people!


dress, bomber jacket - H&M

boots - Isabel Marant x H&M

bag - Rebecca Minkoff

smartwatch - Misfit