The one with TOBI.

by Effie in

Hey guys!

I wish I could show you the making of photos of me conquering the rocks - but for the sake of your well-being, I won't :) Btw - are you as happy about the comeback of the bodysuits? I probably have about 20 already and I'm nowhere near 'I have enough' stage. There's no better and easier way to have your top fit perfectly, even if you're on a crazy adventure at the beach, ha! The one from TOBI is the most comfortable one (and sexy!) in my collection yet and makes easy and perfect combo with my maxi skirt (or any bottom to be honest). 

Stay tuned for more evidence of my beach escapades, I've never been more ready for the summer!


bodysuit - TOBI

skirt - TOBI 

shoes - Zara