Effie is my fashionable alter ego. For me fashion is still emerging and a constantly changing form of art that everyone's able to create; I don't take it too seriously, though.

The one with NYC.

Hey guys!

If you had to choose only one city to spend the rest of your life in, what would it be? My answer is simple - New York New York! Every time I go there, I fall in love with it all over again, it's so inspiring and refreshing (despite all the garbage in the streets, haha!).

In September I spent two days there and attended few shows at New York Fashion Week (another reason to love that city!). One of them was Cynthia Rowley Spring '17 Show - you can read about it here

Other shows I saw was Supima Collection Designer Competition Show and Misha Collection - I haven't taken many photos though (please forgive me!), I was too excited and majority of pics is blurry :D Seeing Supima Competition finalists' collections was very inspiring - I'm sure they'll make their impact in the fashion world very soon (my favorite line was Duston Jusso's, here is his Instagram profile; but the winner - Jeffrey Taylor also stunned with very girly and romantic dresses, find him here).

Misha Collection floored me. Even though I can't live without sneakers, denim and tshirts, I love me some feminine and sexy dresses! Seeing Misha's designs even made me want to practice walking in heels more :) And have all of her fabulous designs in my closet ❤️ (should I mention I fell in love with Jordan Dunn who opened and closed the show?). 

Do you guys have your favorite spots in NYC? Let me know, cause I know I'll go back there billion times! 


Makeup by gorgeous Jackie from Glamsquad.

A girl's gotta eat!

Vegan burger from Blossom du Jour <3

My favorite look from Supima Designer Competition Collection - Duston Jusso's.

Another look from Duston Jusso's collection.

Supima Designer Competition winner - Jeffrey Taylor.

First look from Misha Collection on gorgeous Jordan Dunn. (@mishacollection)




The one with Kenzo x H&M.

The one with Kenzo x H&M.

The one at Cynthia Rowley Spring '17 Fashion Show.