Effie is my fashionable alter ego. For me fashion is still emerging and a constantly changing form of art that everyone's able to create; I don't take it too seriously, though.

The one I really needed.

What are the things that take most of your closet space? My closet is (really) full of jackets - leather, pastel blazers, bombers, whatever (ok, to be honest there were so many I had to buy an extra rack and I'm not proud of that). But what can I do if I'm in the store and I see one like this? It's oversized, has beautiful shape and color different from everything I've worn before. Yeah, no, I had to have it. It looks great with black, but I'll think of an unexpected color combination too. Stay tuned :)


blazer - H&M

bag - Rebecca Minkoff

shoes - Karl Lagerfeld for Melissa

Randolph Street Market.

Randolph Street Market Festival VIP passes giveaway.