Effie is my fashionable alter ego. For me fashion is still emerging and a constantly changing form of art that everyone's able to create; I don't take it too seriously, though.

Easy Peasy.

Hi guys!

Nothing crazy today - just the all black outfit with my first pair of Vans ever :) And the background wall is one of my favorites in Chicago!


Cześć Kochani!

Dziś bardzo zwyczajnie - stylizacja cała w czerni z moja pierwsza para Vansów! Jeśli chodzi o tło to jedna z moich ulubionych ścian w Chicago :) 

blouse - H&M

pants - One 5 One

bomber jacket - Topshop

shoes - Vans

bracelets - Ettika

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Effie's Dress turns one today! :)

Posh & Sporty Spice.