Effie is my fashionable alter ego. For me fashion is still emerging and a constantly changing form of art that everyone's able to create; I don't take it too seriously, though.


Hey guys!

Sooo I've been crazy about denim lately. It all started with one childhood photo where I'm wearing a perfect denim jacket. That triggered my Perfect Denim Jacket hunt, which ended happily in mens denim dept of H&M! Now I only need spring time - where I can show off my denim along with the pins I'm obsessed about too (obsessive personally, huh?) without freezing :) 

And after walking on sidewalk (almost fully) covered in snow without loosing a single tooth, I guess I can call myself a pro :D

Have an amazing week and happy February!


shirt, jacket, hat - H&M

shoes - Zara

pins - Zara, Robin Eisenberg

Derek's BFF wannabe.

A bit of color.

A bit of color.