Effie is my fashionable alter ego. For me fashion is still emerging and a constantly changing form of art that everyone's able to create; I don't take it too seriously, though.

Color me softly.


So this one is a bit different, isn't it? Recently I thought that I should brighten up my closet a little and that's the first step - matching something else than black and other color :) What I like about it is that the laid back (not to say lousy) silhouette and brights make it quite an attention catcher - or not? ;)



Dziś trochę biję po oczach :) Ostatnio stwierdziłam, że w mojej szafie jest za szaro, więc (po)staram się trochę odważniej łaczyć kolory. Podoba mi się, jak luźny krój spodni i koszulki kontrastuje z mocnymi barwami. A Wam? :)

T-shirt - Kenzo

pants - Marshall's

shoes - Adidas Neo

bag - Nine West

earrings - Topshop


In the navy.

Blue jeans.